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San Luis Obispo Free Code Academy

Technology companies have flocked to San Luis Obispo, California, in recent years, raising the demand for qualified IT workers in the area. However, the number of competent applicants has not increased at the same rate, leading to longer recruiting cycles and increased expenditures.

In response to this problem, Bay Valley Tech in San Luis Obispo is providing low-cost and free coding courses to low-income students. This will help close the skills gap and open doors for people interested in pursuing rewarding careers as software developers.

San Luis Obispo

Importance of A Coding Bootcamp To San Luis Obispo, California

Our coding courses are tailored to the needs of the job market. We teach HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, Node, and other trendy IT skills to make you a computer professional in less than four years.

Employers increasingly want programmers and coders. Schools should add coding to fulfill job market demands. Our coding and programming training gives San Luis Obispo, California, students, businesses, and organizations the skills to adapt to emerging technology.

Learning to code helps us understand the world since technology affects all aspects of our lives. Our courses give you the tools and skills you need to succeed in the ever-changing modern workplace.


How Students Can Get Started with Our San Luis Obispo, Coding School

After we've reviewed your application and determined that you're a good fit for our program, you'll have immediate access to our training via weekly in-person sessions, adaptable online courses, or peer-based tutoring. There is a mentorship program and paid internships set up specifically for the best graduates of the program, so you'll have plenty of chances to network with local software professionals and hiring managers.

Software development courses at coding schools typically cost between $7,000 and $15,000, though this varies widely by location and type of school. Students from low-income backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to afford a university education can take advantage of Bay Valley Tech's free and adaptable programs. Our training programs will help you enter better-paying fields in the near and distant future. To get started, interested San Luis Obispo students should fill out an application form for Bay Valley Tech. Additional courses will launch in early 2021.

Code Academy

Fundamentals of Our San Luis Obispo Coding School

Our programs are designed to prepare you for tech careers in less time than the traditional four-year university course. The fundamental principles of our courses are:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

  • Web development curriculum includes bootstrapping, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Angular, Typescript, SCSS, Node.js, and MySQL.

  • The courses are offered in flexible online lessons with weekly in-person classes.

  • Community-based learning provides lots of support, mentorship, and peer study groups.

  • The courses take about 20 hours per week of study time for seven months.

  • Prior programming experience, though helpful, is not necessary.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Can Students Attract?

There are several job opportunities for coders. The IT industry offers one of the most rewarding job prospects with a clear career growth path. Some of the best-paying coding program jobs to consider include:

  • Software Developer

  • Network Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Java Developer

  • Software QA engineer

  • IT Project Manager

  • Web Developer

  • Computer Systems Engineer

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Software Application Developer

  • Database Administrator

Free Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

You can become a successful web developer by enrolling in Bay Valley Tech's free coding program in San Luis Obispo. Our program will provide you with the foundation you need to establish a successful career in web development, whether you are a complete novice or already have some coding expertise. Join us and stop daydreaming about creating websites.

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