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Oakdale Free Code Academy

Do you want to learn how to code but aren't sure where to begin? We offer a free coding school and other modern IT courses to students who have found it difficult to qualify for new tech professions. Our free coding school will help you design a path toward a more technical profession. We're collaborating with school systems in Oakdale, California, as well as other cities in Stanislaus County including Modesto, Patterson, and Salida.

We set out to build a new, interactive style of learning that was interesting, adaptable, and accessible to the widest possible audience. This approach has allowed us to help several students learn how to code and expand their career opportunities.


Why Is a Coding School Important to Oakdale

It's going to be a long trip. You'll experiment with several programming languages, learn new technologies, and interact with a large global community. It's not always simple, and it need ongoing education and growth.

As we all know, the world is heading towards automation and computing, which has resulted in an exponential growth in the demand for programmers. So, if you're looking for a rich job opportunity, programming is the way to go.

For the next ten years, there will be no shortage of jobs.


How Students Can Get Started with Our Oakdale Coding Bootcamp

So are you ready? If you are an interested student living in Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale or Salida, and you are 18 years or older you just need to fill out our online application to get started.

Our code academy process is funded by Bay Valley Tech's generous business sponsors and financial partners, such as the County Office of Education. We are able to offer free and low-cost learning alternatives, unlike other coding schools that demand a hefty fee.

Code Academy

Key Aspects of Our Oakdale Code Academy

  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.

  • Web development curriculum includes bootstrap, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Mongo DB, Angular, Typescript, SCSS, Node.js, MySQL

  • The courses are offered in flexible online lessons with weekly in-person classes.

  • Community-based learning provides lots of support, mentorship, and peer study group.

  • The courses take about 20 hours per week of study time for 7 months.

  • Prior programming experience, though helpful, is not necessary.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Could Students Potentially Attract with Our Coding Program in Oakdale?

Coding programmers have many of opportunities. The following are some of the highest-paying coding program careers to consider:

  • Web developer

  • Computer systems engineer

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Software application developer

  • Database administrator

  • Software quality assurance engineer

  • Business intelligence analyst

  • Computer programmer

Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech provides the right foundation for long term success in employment, entrepreneurship, and further education. If you are an interested student living in Modesto, Patterson, Oakdale or Salida, fill out our online application to get started.

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