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Hawaii Free Code Academy

Hawaii's population was dispersed throughout rural communities, from little fishing villages that were off the beaten path to huge coastal and highland villages, plantation and ranch towns, sparse groups of small cottages in remote valleys. The visitor industry, which spans a number of sectors including services like transportation, and retail trade is Hawaii's main source of income.

By offering a cutting-edge free coding school curriculum and other contemporary IT courses to students who have found it difficult to qualify for new IT employment, Bay Valley Tech aims to close this gap. We are working along with educational systems in Hawaii, Honolulu, and nearby communities this year.

Hawaii Free Code Academy

Why is a Coding School Important to Hawaii?

Software literacy is a fundamental core skill set for both tech and non-tech businesses and job functions because software is the backbone of the booming tech industry. Scientists, marketers, administrators, bankers, farmers, and any other business in Hawaii can operate more effectively and efficiently by using programming skills, the coding courses we provide can help you get started with your programming skills. In addition, cutting-edge sectors like agtech, robots, and autonomous cars need on highly qualified programmers to manage their daily operations.


How Students Can Get Started with Our Hawaii Coding School

After enrolling with us, you will have immediate access to our training through weekly in-person seminars, adaptable online courses, and peer-based mentorship. You'll have several opportunities to network with regional software professionals and hiring managers thanks to a mentorship programme and paid internships targeted at top programme graduates.

At the moment, software training costs an average of $15,000 depending on the programme and the coding academy. On the other side, Bay Valley Tech offers financially disadvantaged students free, flexible training that enables them to pursue better-paying employment. If you are a student in Merced and want to learn more, fill out the Bay Valley Tech application.

Code Academy

Key Aspects of our Hawaii Coding Bootcamp

Our programs are designed to prepare you for tech careers in less time than the traditional four-year university course. The fundamental principles of our courses are:

  • You must be 18 years or older to participate.

  • Web development curriculum includes bootstrap, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Mongo DB, Angular, Typescript, SCSS, Node.js, MySQL

  • The courses are offered in flexible online lessons with weekly in-person classes.

  • Community-based learning provides lots of support, mentorship, and peer study group.

  • The courses take about 20 hours per week of study time for 7 months.

  • Prior programming experience, though helpful, is not necessary.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Students Can Expect

There is no shortage of jobs for coding programmers. Some of the most well-paying coding program jobs to consider include:

  • Web developer

  • Computer systems engineer

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Software application developer

  • Database administrator

  • Software quality assurance engineer

  • Business intelligence analyst

  • Computer programmer

 Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

The right foundation is provided by Bay Valley Tech for long-term success in work, entrepreneurship, and higher education. Fill out our online application right away to begin the journey if you're an Hawaii-based student who is interested.

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