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Empire Free Code Academy

Working in the modern IT industry requires a solid understanding of web and software development languages and coding techniques. Without proper education and coaching, these vital talents can be difficult to learn and master. Companies in Empire are constantly looking for people with developed technical skills to help them improve their operations and expand.

Bay Valley Tech is proud to offer our code academy program to students in Empire, who want to expand their career opportunities in tech and IT. We specialize in a number of in-demand languages that will help you land your dream IT job.

Empire Free Code Academy

Importance of a Coding School to the Community Empire, CA

According to recent studies, coding is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill as the globe keeps moving toward digital transformation. Pursuing and completing a coding course at Empire Code Academy guarantees added value to you and the businesses in Empire, CA.

We offer you the technical knowledge you need when troubleshooting challenging coding problems as we expose you to more significant job mobility opportunities in Empire, CA. Studies have revealed that people with remarkable software literacy skills are less likely to be unemployed. They often earn more income.

Empire, CA organizations and businesses with a well-trained coding team enjoy multiple benefits, including;

To top it off, according to studies, software literacy benefits businesses and organizations with aspects such as increased productivity, improved bottom line, better efficiency, and quicker adoption of upcoming technologies. Therefore, our school will not only benefit the Keys community by helping the businesses but also reduce the possibility of unemployment by offering more significant full-time job opportunities with the advantages of further reading.

  • Reduced training costs as the costs to train a new workforce drop drastically when a prospect is already well-versed in the necessary programs for the job

  • Reduced time required for new hires to get a department or company back on track

  • Improved productivity and efficiency


How Can Students Get Started with Our Empire Coding Bootcamp?

The earlier you introduce yourself to coding, the more comfortable you will become with computers and technology. So, where do you start? Luckily, there are no rules or conditions to beginning to learn to code. Just show interest and enroll with us and immediately gain access to our training. You can attend weekly in-person classes, peer-based tutoring, or flexible online classes.

Our mentorship program and paid internships will link you to local software professionals and hiring managers. Averagely, you will pay around $15,000 as your software training fees. Still, Empire Code Academy will offer a free and flexible program to benefit you if you are a financially pressed student and enable you to get an opportunity to work in a higher-paying profession.

Register online, and Empire Code Academy will provide all the necessary tools, resources, and curriculum.

Code Academy

Fundamentals of Our Empire Coding School

You don't have to go through the conventional four-year university programming course. We design our programs to ensure you are adequately prepared for tech careers in less time. Here are our courses' fundamental principles that help us achieve that.

  • You must strictly attain the minimum required age of 18 years to enroll.

  • We offer all coding courses in weekly in-person classes. However, you can also go for flexible online lessons.

  • Coding courses take approximately twenty hours weekly for up to 7 months.

  • The web development curriculum includes bootstrap, HTML/CSS, Typescript, Mongo DB, Node.js, Angular, MySQL, JavaScript, and SCSS.

  • It is not necessary to have prior coding experience, although it is helpful.

  • Community-based code learning helps share vital information, teach tricks and tips, no matter your level of programming experience, organize meetups and share valuable resources, research papers, and talks.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Can Students Attract?

If you are searching for how to launch your career path with 21st-century programming skills, you have probably decided it's time to learn how to code. Here are the Tech jobs that are waiting for you:

  • Data Scientist

  • Computer and Information Systems Manager

  • Software Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Java Developer

  • Product Manager

  • Computer Systems Analyst

  • Software Application Developer

  • Systems Engineer

 Code Academy

Join Our Program Today

Our program provides the tools and skills for long-term success in the IT industry's employment, business, and further education. If you are an interested student, fill out an online application and get started today.

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