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Dublin Free Code Academy

In 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the IT industry lacks adequate personnel across the US and globally. The agency reported that, in 2020, there were only 400,000 qualified IT graduates, while there were more than 1.4 million information technology-related jobs. This left a gap of 1 million jobs that needed IT graduates.

As technology continues to take some jobs that were traditionally left for humans, professionals, and businesses in Dublin that fail to adopt technology risk being overtaken by their competitors.

Bay Valley Tech noted this gap and has devised a way of filling it in Dublin by training the less fortunate students in Dublin on IT skills that can make them get life-changing careers. Bay Valley Tech targets students who have found it difficult to qualify for high-demanding IT jobs.

Dublin Free Code Academy

This noble idea does not only fill the IT gap but also helps the less fortunate students in Dublin to get high-paying jobs.

We train students on marketable IT skills such as web development using Node, Angular, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and HTML/CSS. We also teach them other computer-related skills that can help boost their marketability on the job market.


How Important Is a Coding School to the Dublin Community?

Research has shown that IT literacy boosts the chances of a student getting a high-paying job, and also boosts businesses' bottom line. A tech-savvy individual is more productive than a person who's not.

Likewise, organizations and businesses that have incorporated technology into their operations benefit from greater efficiency, increased productivity, and a quicker upgrade to modern technologies.

Some studies in Dublin have revealed that IT experts earn more and are likely to get employed than those without these skills. Individuals with software skills can either work full-time, part-time or even start their businesses. They can also work as they continue learning new skills.

Code Academy

How Students Can Get Started with Our Dublin Code Academy

Students who enroll with Dublin Code School will be given access to our online training materials and will also attend our weekly classes in person. We provide students with opportunities to network with hiring managers and software professionals who can hire them after they graduate. We do this through paid internships and a mentorship program.

Most colleges that offer training in coding charge an average of $15,000 depending on the school and the program. In our case, we offer our training free of charge because we want to help our students improve the Dublin communities.

If you want to join Bay Valley Tech, fill our application form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible so you can start your classes.

Fundamentals of Our Dublin Coding Boot Camp

We offer flexible programs designed to impart IT knowledge to students in the shortest time possible. To join Bay Valley Tech, you must be 18 years or older. What we cover in our course include:

  • Web development - MySQL, Node.js, SCSS, Typescript, Angular, Mongo DB, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap.

  • Weekly in-person classes, online classes, and community-based learning

  • Provision of peer study groups, mentorship, and lots of support.

  • The course takes 7 months, broken down into 20 hours every week.

 Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech provides the right foundation for long term success in employment, entrepreneurship, and further education. If you are an interested student living in Dblin or surrounding Oakland area, fill out our online application to get started.

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