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Citrus Heights Free Code Academy

Citrus Heights is a small city of around 87,000 residents in Sacramento County, California. The city is noted for its sophisticated retail opportunities, and its central location makes it convenient to travel to other important regional cities such as Sacramento and San Francisco.

Web development is a rapidly expanding field, and Bay Valley Tech can teach you the particular skills you'll need to break into it. You'll gain the skills needed to become proficient in front end and back end technologies through a fast-paced, immersive curriculum.

Bay Valley Tech is providing access to free coding classes, software training, and computer science-related courses. With demand for computer science and coding-related careers at an all-time high, Citrus Heights students now have a unique opportunity to take advantage of learning innovative coding and computer skills with our free coding school.

A photo of the city of Citrus Heights, California, where Bay Valley Tech offers their free code academy and coding bootcamps.

Our Modesto-based school provides the necessary guidance and support to our students, allowing them the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work in the agile tech industry. We offer training concentrated on web development skills and in-demand coding languages such as HTML & CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and other modern IT aptitudes designed to swiftly turn our students into IT professionals.

Citrus Heights

Join Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech provides the right foundation for long term success in employment, entrepreneurship, and further education. If you are an interested student residing in Citrus Heights or the surrounding cities and counties, fill out our online application today to get started.

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