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Boulder Free Code Academy

Are you looking for a reputable online coding school in Boulder, CO? With a global shortage of qualified IT professionals, the Colorado has numerous job openings waiting to be filled. We're here to help you along the way to acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the tech industry and fill these open positions. 

For students interested in pursuing life-changing careers in software development, Bay Valley Tech offers a choice of free and low-cost coding programs. Don't let the high cost of coding programs discourage you from a rewarding career!

Join our program today and get ready to embark on a rewarding career in IT, full of exciting possibilities and opportunities.

Boulder Free Code Academy

Importance of a Coding Bootcamp to Boulder

Many of us are unaware of the complex workings of everyday tools like cell phones, laptops, social media networks, and video games. We can vastly improve our interaction with these tools and broaden our understanding of the limitless potential of coding by learning basic programming skills. Learning to code can open up a world of possibilities and change the way we use technology in our daily lives.

Our program is not your average coding school; it offers much more. Upon completion of our coding programs, students gain access to crucial connections and enhance their chances of securing a paid software development internship or a full-time job in Boulder, CO, or surrounding areas of Colorado. Our students are equipped to meet the demands of various industries, contributing to the growth of the local economy while pursuing their professional aspirations.


How Students Can Get Started with Our Boulder Coding School

When you enroll in our program, you will have immediate access to a wealth of learning resources, including in-person classes, online courses, and peer-to-peer tutoring. As a student, you'll also have the opportunity to network with local software professionals and hiring managers through our mentorship program and paid internships, which are only available to our top graduates.

The cost of software training can be excessive, with average fees hovering around $15,000 and varying from coding academy to coding academy. Bay Valley Tech, on the other hand, provides free and flexible programs that cater to students with financial constraints, allowing them to pursue higher-paying careers in the tech industry!

Code Academy

Fundamentals of Our Boulder Coding School

Our courses are designed to provide students with the skills necessary to pursue tech careers in less time than a traditional four-year university course. To participate, individuals must be:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.

  • Web development curriculum includes bootstrapping, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, MongoDB, Angular, Typescript, SCSS, Node.js, and MySQL.

  • The courses are offered in flexible online lessons with weekly in-person classes.

  • Community-based learning provides lots of support, mentorship, and peer study groups.

  • The courses take about 20 hours per week of study time for seven months.

  • Prior programming experience, though helpful, is not necessary.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Can Students Attract?

The IT industry provides numerous job opportunities for coders with the potential for career growth and some of the most financially rewarding job prospects. You may want to consider pursuing high-paying coding program jobs such as:

  • Computer systems engineer

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Software application developer

  • Database administrator

  • Software quality assurance engineer

  • Business intelligence analyst

  • Computer programmer

  • Software Developer

  • Network Engineer

  • Systems Engineer

  • Java Developer

  • Software QA engineer

  • IT project manager

  • Web developer

Free Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

If you're an ambitious student of Boulder, CO, don't let financial constraints prevent you from achieving your goals. Fill out our application form today to get started on the path to a successful and rewarding career in technology!

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