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Youth Jobs Corps

Californians for All (CFA) and Bay Valley Tech (BVT) are dedicated to serving Stanislaus County by imparting essential job skills, empowering individuals to discover meaningful career paths.


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How Do Our Interns Get Paid?

#CaliforniansForAll Fund Us

Bay Valley Tech offers a spectrum of initiatives, including educational programs, job training, technology outreach, and more, all aimed at enhancing community development and well-being. This commitment is why CFA provides funding and support to Bay Valley Tech, enabling them to sustain their impactful endeavors that serve the community's needs and tackle diverse social and economic challenges.

A group of people in a circle putting their hands together, representing the Californians For All's funding of Bay Valley Tech's coding bootcamps.
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#CaliforniansForAll and BVT have the same Goals

We both want to...
1.Increase employment for undeserved youth across California.
2.Develop meaningful public service career pathways
3. Enhance local government capacity to address challenges in key focus areas.
4.Support the community with at least minimum wage and essential wrap-around services like case management, resume preparation, and special job training. 

Start Your Career Today!

Join Our Digital Skills Internship

Bay Valley Tech alumni work in a broad range of industries including technology consulting, healthcare, agtech, consumer packaged goods, govtech (technology solutions for the government), and fintech.

Our hands-on, projects-based program trains hundreds of interns annually for roles in software development, graphic design, digital marketing, project management, technology sales, and more. Our internship application process is as follows:


Submit Student Application

Complete and submit the student application. You should receive a welcome email from BVT.


Complete The Khan Academy Prep Work

The welcome email you received will come with instructions on how to complete your prep work.


Complete Documents To Get Registered

To get registered into a cohort complete the Informational Interview & Student Agreement.


Wait Till You Are Accepted Into A Cohort

Upon acceptance, fulfill cohort's certificate requirements, including unpaid training: 40+ hours, 2+ certificates; early award possible based on instructor assessment. 


Start The Unpaid Internship

Once you have made sufficient progress, you may then be selected for the unpaid training internship program. 


Begin Paid Internship

Complete the documents required to begin the paid portion of the internship.

Have Any Questions?

Don't hesitate to ask! We will reach out shortly. 

Thanks for submitting!


Internships necessitate Prep Work and training completion. Initial period is unpaid; transition to paid follows paperwork processing, with no guaranteed approval for paid status. This involves approximately a week's duration.

This project is fully funded (100%) by the federal Serve America Act and CaliforniaVolunteers-Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds of the 2021 Budget Act through a grant allocation totaling $4,977,250.  This program is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Our Founders Message to CFA

Discover the Mind Behind Bay Valley Tech. Our founder, Phil Lan embarked on a journey to redefine the tech industry in the Central Valley. With the help of #CaliforniansForAll, Phil is able to continue establishing Bay Valley Tech, and offering free tech training to the central valley. Both CFA and BVT are Continuously driving innovation and shaping the future.

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Hey There!

Apply To Our Internship

Join our internship to gain valuable experience and skills while earning $25 per hour.

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