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Free Code Academy in Fresno, CA

Empowering Fresno Through Technology Education

Elevate Your Future with Free Coding Classes in Fresno, CA

Two girls participating in the free code academy in Fresno.

Free Tech Skills Training

Our innovative coding bootcamp is provided at absolutely zero cost to you.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with top leaders in the tech industry while learning new skills.

Flexible Learning

We accommodate your learning style through our virtual & in-person programs.

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Ready to find a job that pays well and provides an excellent quality of life? So many opportunities are out there if you have the right skills. But how do you get those in-demand skills? Bay Valley Tech offers free design and code academies to empower your new career. Start your tech career today! Apply on our application page.

The skyline of the city of Fresno, CA, where Bay Valley Tech offers free coding classes.
Why Choose Bay Valley Tech's Free Coding School in Fresno, CA?

We are so much more than just a training program. When you choose Bay Valley Tech, you become part of a community.

Here’s Why Our Programs Stand Out

Your Future In Tech…and It’s Free

Want to learn coding and design but don’t have the money to attend a traditional college or tech school? Bay Valley Tech helps you open the door to your tech future without the financial burden. In fact, our classes are entirely free. No trick. No gimmicks. It is entirely free.

In-Demand Tech Skills

The world has become digital, and companies and businesses everywhere need functioning websites and more. That’s why we offer comprehensive training in web development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and all the latest coding languages. All we ask is that you bring your ambition, and we’ll help you become a skilled IT professional.

We also offer a digital design program. Topics include:

  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • UI/UX

  • Figma

  • Design Principles

  • Content Management Systems including SEO

  • Social Media and Web Marketing for Business

  • Email Marketing for Business

  • Web Development for Designers

Support & Guidance

When you join our free code academy in Fresno, CA, you are becoming part of a supportive community. We understand that learning a new skill can feel daunting. That’s why we provide support every step of the way. You’ll get the personalized attention that you deserve, and we create our curriculum to match any learning style.

We maintain a small instructor-to-student ratio, so you’ll always have the attention you deserve from our qualified teachers. You’ll have opportunities for mentorships and chances to connect with industry tech professionals while you learn. Finally, our alumni network helps you build relationships and provides ongoing support for career growth.

Committed to Your Success

We are more than just a digital workforce training program. Our teachers and mentors are committed to your success in the field. We know that once you have the foundation in place, you can do anything in this field.

How do we do this? Through networking events, hosting guest speakers, and providing office hours with our instructors.

How Can I Apply to Bay Valley Tech’s Free Coding Bootcamp in Fresno, CA?

Does everything above sound awesome? If so, you are ready to apply. Fill out our online application today to kickstart your career with our free coding school in Fresno, CA. The process doesn’t take long, and if you have any questions, just reach out to our team for assistance. All you will need is some basic personal information and a little bit regarding your educational background and any coding experience (don’t worry if you don’t have any)!

Once you submit your application, we will review it and contact you to talk about the next steps of the process. There might be an interview, and you are always welcome to join our information sessions held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-7PM.

A male student sitting in front of the computer during free coding bootcamp in Fresno, CA.
An icon with a lightbulb with the earth inside and the words "It's Free" circling around it, representing Bay Valley Tech's free code academy.

How Will the Free Coding School in Fresno, CA, Benefit Me?

First, Bay Valley Tech is the best place to launch your tech career. No doubt about it! Here are the benefits:

Top-Rated Coding Education

Our curriculum utilizes the latest technologies, programs, practices, and coding languages. You will be job-ready after completing it. You’ll learn front-end design along with back-end development with a full range of web technologies at your disposal. In short, you’ll gain the most comprehensive understanding of web development.

Hands-On Learning

Learning is easier when you are actually doing it. At Bay Valley Tech, we learn by doing real projects in real-time. That way, you are confident when doing jobs that are actually needed in the real world. While we spend time on theory, we pride ourselves in offering the best hands-on learning available.

Higher Earning Potential

Tech jobs offer some of the highest salaries in the market. They also allow for opportunities to become an entrepreneur. By joining our free code academy in Fresno, CA, you're setting yourself up for financial stability and rewarding professional opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities for growth in this industry, and you’ll have access to innovative projects that will truly change the world.

The sign for the city of Fresno, CA, where BVT offers its free code academy.

FAQs About Our Free Coding Classes in Fresno, CA

Listen, we understand that considering Bay Valley Tech is a big decision. We know you have questions. We answer some of them below.

What can I expect after completing the program?

After completing our free code academy in Fresno, CA, you will be equipped with the skills to begin your tech career. You can consider web development, software engineering, and so much more. But most of all, you’ll feel confident that you can do it. Bay Valley Tech sets you up for success. After you finish, we will be there for you by providing ongoing career support and unmatched alumni networking opportunities.

How long is the free coding bootcamp in Fresno, CA?

It all depends on your chosen track and if you have any previous experience. Remember, everyone learns at different paces, and that’s okay! Contact us and tell us about yourself. We can help point you in the right direction. Typically, our part-time code academy takes approximately 7 months and our part-time digital design bootcamp takes 4-6 months.

What are the prerequisites for joining?

We are an accessible community. That’s why there are no prerequisites. Having some basic computer skills helps, but it isn’t necessary. We have plenty of prep classes to get you up to speed before we get into the more in-depth stuff. Just bring your passion and drive to succeed. That’s all you need!

Launch Your Tech Career Today

Secure your spot in our upcoming cohort! It’s time to invest in yourself. You have the drive, you have the commitment. Now, just take the next steps by contacting our free coding bootcamp in Fresno, CA. Apply on our application page today!

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