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Start Your High Tech Career Today with Our Free Code Academy


If you can dream it, you can achieve it!  Bay Valley Tech offers free and low-cost coding programs for students seeking life-changing careers in software development. 


Our coding school focuses on teaching in-demand web development skills including HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular and Node.js. Not only will our coding classes prepare you for a new career, we'll also put you in touch with tech leaders and provide internship opportunities. 

Why Is Bay Valley Tech A Great Place to Launch Your Tech Career?

Bay Valley Tech is much more than an online coding school.  Unlike other coding and technical schools, Bay Valley Tech leverages a unique community-based training strategy.  Our school is also built inside a tech community full of supportive professional programmers, instructors, mentors, classmates and alumni. 


Bay Valley Tech is a great place to learn how to code for free, but it is an even more amazing place to build the connections necessary to land your next paid software internship or web development job.

Bay Valley Tech


What Does Bay Valley Tech Offer Its Students?



Free Code Academy Program

Our free online code academy is a 7-month part-time program that combines weekly live online classes with self-paced online lessons. Students will need to be accepted into our coding school through an application. Our simple application process:

  1. Fill out the online application

  2. Complete the pre-study lessons in the welcome email

  3. Schedule a phone interview with the Bay Valley Tech admissions committee

  4. Select a cohort meeting time that fits your schedule





How Does Bay Valley Tech Offer Its Code Academy For Free?  


Bay Valley Tech’s generous corporate sponsors and funding partners such as the County Office of Education provide funding for our code academy program. Unlike other coding schools that charge high tuition, we're able to offer free and low-cost learning options.


Accelerator Coaching Program

Our unique coaching program is built specifically to get students into the workforce faster.  The Accelerator Program is open to Bay Valley Tech code academy students as well as others studying web development independently.  For only $300 per month, students get daily access to:

  1. Code reviews

  2. Office hours

  3. Study groups

  4. Group project teams

  5. Interview prep

  6. Additional exposure to hiring managers

Bay Valley Tech offers free and low-cost coding programs for students focused on web-based development languages ranging from HTML / CSS to javascript and more. We strive to help our students acquire adequate knowledge and skills to enter the tech industry hassle-free and land rewarding careers in an industry with ever-growing demand.

About Bay Valley Tech

Free Online Code Academy

Effective & Efficient Learning Methods


Bay Valley Tech offers two learning programs: our Code Academy is a 7-month program administered free to students (with application approval) and we also offer an Accelerator Program for students who might be stuck learning on their own and require some professional guidance.

Our programs are normally offered through in-person training at our Modesto location. However, due to the pandemic, we are also offering our coding programs online. 

With our online coding and programming classes, students engage in web-based courses with tutors providing procedural learning over the internet. This type of learning is practical and essential in training our students and provides a community students require to be successful.

Why Choose Bay Valley Tech As Your Free Code Camp?


As most coding schools require students to pay for coding training classes, we allow students to learn free and quickly with our coding academy. Skilled and experienced instructors offer free coding training to help students understand various concepts readily and with our excellent teaching techniques, our students graduate the program ready to pursue careers in the tech space.

Some of the most recognized computer coding and programming careers include software application developer, web developer, computer systems engineer, database administrator, computer systems analyst, business intelligence analyst, and computer programmer.

At Bay Valley Tech, students have a better chance of landing high-paying careers in the tech industry. With our free coding training and excellent teaching approaches, new programmers can enjoy learning while grasping different concepts seamlessly. Jumpstart your career today and apply to be part of our next cohort.

Modesto's Premium Entrepreneurial Office Space

Bay Valley Co-Work is conveniently located near many amazing restaurants and amenities in downtown Modesto (1325 H Street). Our co-working space offers private offices, co-working desks and conference rooms for your client meetings.  Whether you are a startup entrepreneur, a remote employee or a fast-growing company needing a flexible office to support your needs, Bay Valley Co-Work is here to help. 


And as the host for most of the region’s tech community events such as hackathons, software meetups, gaming nights, business networking lunches and a large code academy program, Bay Valley Co-Work is the epicenter of Modesto’s tech community.  Come connect with local techies and check out our office space.

Bay Valley Co-Work