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At Bay Valley Tech, we are much more than a training program. We are a community of supportive industry professional, entrepreneurs, volunteers and students. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

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“Bay Valley Tech  instructors are super understanding and my classmates were always so helpful. No one got left behind on the coding projects. The community is amazing.  Bay Valley Tech feels like another home to me!” 

- Raul L, Software Developer at Stanislaus Food Products

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Our mentors are dedicated to guiding and supporting students throughout their learning journey.

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Three smiling students at Bay Valley Tech's free code academy in Modesto.

About Us

Empowering Careers, 
Enriching Communities

Bay Valley Tech is a fast-growing tech incubator, tech community and digital workforce training program. We believe that enabling hardworking individuals to attain lucrative technology-based careers can be transformative for their families and their communities. In addition to providing high quality digital talent to help companies grow, Bay Valley Tech offers two free, highly effective digital skills training programs. A digital skills academy and a coding academy. 

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Why Is Bay Valley Tech

A Great Place to
Launch Your Tech Career!

At Bay Valley Tech, our innovative approach to tech education prioritizes collaborative learning principles and offers an accessible route to coveted digital careers. With a focus on team-based learning, seasoned instructors, and immersive internships within authentic tech environments, our training programs yield an impressive track record of successful placements. Moreover, we provide exceptional opportunities to connect with industry tech professionals during your journey and maintain valuable alumni networking relationships for ongoing support and growth.

Networking Opportunities

Our alumni become successful industry professionals who give back to their communities

Vital Program Supporters

Our diverse partners play a pivotal role in supporting the success of our programs

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  • How can I secure my acceptance into the academy?
    Ensure a strong application by completing most or all of the Learnworlds prepwork. Additionally, attend our weekly informational study sessions to enhance your understanding and commitment to the program. Your preparation and engagement are key factors in securing acceptance.
  • How long are the academies at Bay Valley Tech?
    The Digital Design Academy spans 6 months, while the Code Academy is a 7-month program. Both academies are structured around lessons, assignments, and project-based learning. Collaboration and effective communication are encouraged throughout the duration of the programs.
  • Do I need to have a tech background or any prior experience with tech to join the academy?
    No, you don't! We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience. Our program is designed to cater to each individual, dedicating time and resources to ensure everyone excels. Your enthusiasm to learn is the most important prerequisite!
  • How Does Bay Valley Tech Offer Free Tech Training?
    Bay Valley Tech’s Free Code Academy, Digital Design Bootcamp, paid internships and tech community events are sponsored by our generous educational, government, non-profit and corporate partners.
  • Is there a cost associated with the program?
    No, this program is entirely free!

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Have Any Unanswered Questions? Contact Us!

We'll respond as soon as possible. You can reach out through email or on our Discord channel for quick assistance. If you prefer a face-to-face conversation, our office is open for in-person inquiries. 

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email us for the discord server link. 

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