Rancho Cordova Code Academy

If you are looking for an exciting and fulfilling career that offers high pay, flexibility and plenty of opportunities for growth, then coding may be the right choice for you. Computer programming and coding are always in high demand, especially in a city like Rancho Cordova where businesses are always growing.


With Bay Valley Tech's Rancho Cordova code academy, you'll be prepared to become one of these coders by mastering the most up-to-date languages and applications including HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Javascript and more. Plus, we'll put you in direct contact with hiring managers and tech companies in the Sacramento area.

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Importance of a Coding School to Rancho Cordova

With the rapidly developing digital landscape driving technology, the economy and learning in today's world, building upon your coding skill set is now more important than ever. Earning a certification from our coding school could allow you to make yourself invaluable as a coder with the potential to be a powerful asset to the community of Rancho Cordova.

Individuals who start on the path of learning how to code have opportunities to earn certifications and develop fundamental programming skills, which will benefit not only you throughout your career, but also whichever companies have the pleasure of hiring and working with the skilled coders who graduate from the Rancho Cordova free code academy.

Coding and programming are invaluable skills that have a variety of uses, which keep advanced coders in high demand as they are able to work on a variety of projects including:  non-profit work, app development, graphic design, website creation and maintenance, and more. Businesses within your own hometown are in desperate need of this expertise.

How Students Can Get Started with Our Rancho Cordova Coding School

After enrollment, students have access to weekly, in-person training, flexible online courses, and peer-based tutoring that will allow them to stay on track with the program and lend them the support needed to succeed. There are also several networking opportunities for those who wish to work with local software professionals. Hiring managers are looking for driven students who seek mentorship programs and paid internships.

Our Rancho Cordova code academy offers both free and flexible programs depending on student needs. Our programs are designed to enable students with the professional skills required to achieve a higher-paying job within an in-demand profession.

Fundamentals of Our Rancho Cordova Coding Boot Camp

Bay Valley Tech’s Rancho Cordova free coding school prepares students for immediate entry into this highly in-demand career field. The program requires the completion of technical courses meant to develop applied technological skill sets, which businesses are in need of right away.

Requirements of our courses are as follows:

  • Participants must be 18 years of age or older in order to attend

  • Curriculum involves the learning of HTML/CSS, Javascript, Mongo DB, Angular Typescript, SCSS, Node.js, MySQl, etc.

  • Courses are flexible and offered online and in-person

  • Courses require a commitment of up to 20 hours a week for seven months

  • No prior experience is necessary in order to begin enrollment

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What Kind of Tech Jobs Can Students Attract?

Coders around the world are using their skills to work remotely from home or directly within a business in many sectors, such as

volunteer and non-profit, professional business and corporate, and government, while providing expertise in web design,

cyber security and app development.

Some of the highest-paying and most popular roles are:

  • Web developer

  • Computer programmer

  • Full-Stack developer

  • IT manager

  • Software application developer

  • Computer engineer

  • System administrator

  • Computer systems analyst

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