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Why Join A Coding Bootcamp?

Whether looking to advance professionally or learn something different, acquiring new skills is never a bad idea. Sounds even better when you can gain extra knowledge at a relatively lower cost or no cost at all.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

Essentially a coding bootcamp is a technical training program that focuses on teaching crucial parts of programming, particularly those relevant to the current market. Coding boot camps are short-term but pretty intense as they are curated to prepare learners for the industry and potentially open a wider pool of opportunities. The program is usually full-time or part-time and consolidates different coding skillsets for beginners and IT professionals.

How Long Do Coding Schools Typically Last?

Coding schools use different methods, techniques, and learning tools for teaching. One can argue that learning some programming languages may take longer than others. If you choose to learn a programming language at a time, there is no estimate of when you can exhaust the long list of languages available. It all depends on your commitment and pace during the learning period. Nevertheless, the estimated duration for learning a single programming language could be about 4 to 6 months. Most coders will agree that it could probably take more than nine months to use a coding language comfortably.

If you choose to learn coding in a college, expect the learning duration to be longer. Considering that it takes about four years or more to acquire a college degree, it will take you the same time to learn how to code a couple of programming languages.

On the other hand, coding boot camps are a great way to learn how to code within a shorter time. Contrary to self-learning, coding boot camps give you structure and direction on the fundamentals of becoming a professional coder within a few months. Most full-time Bootcamp courses will take around four to six months, whereas part-time courses could take longer, usually seven months.

What Coding Languages Can Students Expect To Learn?

There are more than 300 programming languages in the world. Fortunately, students do not have to learn all of them to thrive in the market. Reasonably so, bootcamps are tailored to focus on and give an understanding of specific subjects in IT, including Web Development, Data Science, User Experience and User interface design, software engineering, cybersecurity, Mobile Application development, etc.

Additionally, language-specific bootcamps dive into the extensive learning of one or more programming languages in a single program. Some of the languages a student is likely to encounter include:


  • JavaScript

  • Node.j.s.

  • Bootstrap

  • Ruby

  • Python, etc.

Who Would Be An Ideal Fit For A Coding School?

A short answer to this question is- anyone. From students and career changers to those seeking to advance in their field, coding school provides an inclusive skillset for all to explore. An effective program not only offers classes but also creates a supportive community of instructors and other vital stakeholders from different sectors of the IT field and volunteers alike to facilitate smooth learning for all learners.

What Does A Coding Bootcamp Cost?

Coding Bootcamps will vary in cost depending on the subject, the tools used for learning, and the duration. For example, an estimated median price for a full-time web-development program could cost around $11,900, while the median cost for a part-time program may cost $7500. However, several online coding bootcamps cost less than half the typical price, and others are free for qualified persons. Free coding bootcamps are equally efficient and offer fantastic career opportunities for learners.

If you are ready to start or advance your career with credible and competitive digital skillsets, Bay Valley Tech has the perfect programs. Our online coding school is a fast-growing tech academy that will surely give you a significant boost in the tech world.

Apply now, and our admissions committee should get back to you as soon as possible.

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