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How to Learn Coding for Free?

Coding is one of the most sought-after technical skills of the modern world, which explains why thousands of people online are attempting to learn to code for free. There is also a wealth of coding classes, information, and books that vary in usefulness depending on what type of coding language you want to learn and why you want to learn it

In the modern world, a programming language is often considered more valuable than a second language; for many tech-based careers, programming is the second language of choice. If children can learn coding at a young age, there is no reason why adults looking to augment or start a new career cannot learn it as well.

YouTube Videos

One of the most accessible places to start if you are interested in learning more about coding and attempting to figure out if it is something that fits with your skillset is YouTube. The truth is you can find anything on YouTube, and coding videos are one of those things. Some videos talk about what coding language is, actual series that walk viewers through coding language and programming. While you will find nearly every level of coding instruction on YouTube, from elementary school to intermediate levels, this approach will only work well for those with the discipline to self-learn.

Programming Manuals/Workbooks

A simple search on Amazon or any other major book retailer will display a wide array of programming manuals and workbooks that can be utilized to learn code. Many adults struggle to learn in this two-dimensional environment, but those who prefer learning via reading may find a workbook is just their speed.

Khan Academy, Lynda.Com & Other Instructional Websites

Khan Academy, Coursera, Lynda, and other instructional websites are a new wave of learning tools that can be accessed for free. However, some require a library card to access or offer advanced access for a premium fee. These tools offer a wide array of coding classes and instructional videos as well that are also tailored to the self-guided learner.

Coding Schools

While all of these learning tools are great ways to augment the acquisition of programming language, adults who are serious about learning coding as a vehicle to land a job in the IT sector will want to check out coding schools. Sometimes referred to as coding boot camps, coding schools are intensive three to nine-month programs focusing primarily on learning the most sought-after programming languages so that graduates can learn jobs immediately upon completion.

Bay Valley Tech in Modesto, CA, is a free coding school that offers students the chance to learn how to code over seven months. Contact the school to learn about the application process or to learn more about their accelerated program.

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