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Common Applications of Javascript

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages used by developers. Also, it is the most versatile language used in developing robust web apps. You are probably wondering, with so many other programming languages and new tools popping out, why should you learn JavaScript?

Before learning a new thing, it's essential to understand what it is and does. So, let's explore what JavaScript is, why it's an important coding language, and different JavaScript applications.

What is Javascript?

In simple language, JavaScript is a tool used by developers to enhance the interactivity of websites. When making the website, your browser will require HTML that defines the website's structure and basic content. Then you will need CSS to style HTML content – it determines things like font and color. JavaScript helps bring your website to life. It's responsible for other elements like contact forms, modal windows, and drop-down menus that users interact with.

JavaScript popularity is increasing because of the benefits that this programming language presents. For instance, JavaScript can run across the whole software stack, meaning it's an all-purpose programming language.

Why is Javascript An Important Coding Language?

As an aspiring web developer, it is vital to learn what is still relevant and used in today's industry, and Javascript is one of them. JavaScript is used by almost 95% of all websites. It is now available to server-side websites despite being designed as a client-side language. For this reason, Javascript has become a versatile server and client language.

Besides being an uncomplicated language, Javascript is also faster and more scalable. It saves much time on data transmission between the web browser and server. Developers use JavaScript to build apps that work on any web browser and device.

Also, it is a great coding language to learn if you want to pursue a career in other software development areas.

What Are Some Examples of Applications of Javascript?

JavaScript is the most popular programming language. Almost every software type uses JavaScript, including productivity apps, IoT devices, smartwatch apps, mobile apps, flying robots, and 2D and 3D graphics. Other applications include:

and 3D graphics. Other applications include:

  • Web development - Javascript is used to develop interactive and dynamic web pages to execute complex actions and interact with users.

  • Web applications – JavaScript is used to create robust web applications like Goggle Maps. To explore a map, you only have to click and drag the mouse to get a clear view. Javascript enables all this.

  • Server applications – Using Node.js, Javascript can write server software. It becomes easier for developers to write, test and debug code for faster network applications.

  • Games – creating web games is another important use of javascript. HTML5 and Javascript play a very vital role in game development.

Can you Learn Javascript at a Free Coding Bootcamp Like Bay Valley Tech?

As the demand for JavaScript experts keeps increasing, learning JavaScript can be the start of a rewarding career with high growth potential. Many books, online guides, video tutorials, and courses teach JavaScript. However, these options might not give you the proficiency required to land a job as a developer or programmer.

Learning Javascript at a free coding bootcamp like Bay Valley Tech will impart you with job-ready skills within a few months. At Bay Valley Tech, we offer free coding programs to help you learn JavaScript and other languages. Contact us today for more information.

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