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Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?

Coding can be understood as the process of writing instructions that tell computing devices what to do. Using specific coding languages, programmers write instructions that enable computers to run various programs and solve complex problems. Traditionally, programmers had to undergo years of university education to acquire coding skills. But these days, you can acquire these skills quickly in a coding bootcamp and give yourself access to a world of unlimited opportunities that characterize the tech industry.

What Can You Get Out Of A Coding School?

Coding schools offer intensive, accelerated learning programs that seek to equip learners with basic digital skills. The skills you can learn in a coding bootcamp include data science, UX/UI design, digital marketing, cyber security, and full-stack web development. After graduating from coding bootcamps, graduates get jobs with an average starting salary of $69,000.

What Languages Will You Learn In A Coding School?

Coding is the process of designing and building executable computer programs. This is usually done using various programming languages. Therefore, coding schools teach many different programming languages. Some languages you might learn in a coding bootcamp include Python, Objective C, Ruby on Rails, Full Stack JavaScript, C#, Java, XML, and HTML, among others.

Why Are People Opting For Coding Schools Instead Of A Traditional 4-Year University?

The popularity of coding bootcamps has been rising sharply in the recent past. Indeed, more people now prefer learning coding in coding schools instead of pursuing computer science or software engineering courses in universities.

But why exactly is this happening?

Several benefits are associated with opting for a coding school instead of a traditional 4-year university. For example, the programs offered by coding schools are more affordable compared to the courses offered in universities. Besides, a coding school will prepare you to work as a programmer in less than one year, while a university course might take four years or more to complete. Last but not least, a coding school will allow you to learn in a more flexible way than a university.

What Kind Of Jobs Can You Land With Coding Experience?

As mentioned above, having coding experience will expose you to a world of many amazing opportunities. The tech industry employs millions of people, and the number is always growing. Once you have graduated from a coding bootcamp, you will be in a position to work as a data analyst, web developer, web designer, digital strategist, or digital analyst.

How Much Does Coding School Cost?

If you are considering learning coding in a coding school, you might be wondering how much the program will cost you. The truth is that the cost varies widely from school to school and from program to program. The average coding bootcamp tuition in the US is around $13,584. The cheapest coding bootcamp charges about $7,800, while the most expensive one charges about $21,000.

However, we at Bay Valley Tech offer a tuition-free coding bootcamp program you can take advantage of for you to fast-track your career in the tech industry. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our free coding school.

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