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Huntington Beach Free Code Academy

According to a recent Glassdoor report, 8 of the top 25 occupations in the United States are tech-related and require some level of coding knowledge. Occupations that require coding should, in theory, pay more than jobs that do not. IT professionals also have a higher level of job satisfaction than those in other fields. With each passing day, the demand for highly qualified IT workers grows as every organization and industry utilizes modern technology to scale up their operations and boost profitability.

For this reason, Bay Valley Tech is offering low-cost coding programs and free coding school for students seeking life-changing careers in software development. Our programs target students in Huntington Beach who have found it challenging to qualify for new tech jobs.

Huntington Beach Free Code Academy

We offer training focused on teaching in-demand web development skills such as HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular, and Node and other modern IT skills designed to turn you into a well sought after computer wizard in no time.

Importance of a Coding School to the Community of Huntington Beach

According to studies, software literacy not only improves your chances of securing a well-paying IT job, but it also has a substantial impact on businesses.

Organizations in Huntington Beach who embrace technology see enhanced production, efficiency, and a better bottom line, as well as faster adoption of new technologies.


Studies also reveal that workers with software literacy skills earn more income and are less likely to be unemployed. The software training that we offer will also guarantee that you experience more significant job mobility opportunities and find full-time work with opportunities for further training.

How Students Can Get Started with Our Huntington Beach Code Academy

Once you've signed up with us, you'll have immediate access to our training, which includes weekly in-person seminars, flexible online courses, and peer-to-peer coaching. Through a mentoring program and paid internships created for top programme alumni, you will have multiple opportunities to network with local software professionals and hiring managers. Software training costs an average of $15,000, depending on the course and the coding institute.

Bay Valley Tech, on the other hand, provides free and flexible programs to help financially disadvantaged students get access to higher-paying jobs. To get started, complete out the Bay Valley Tech application form if you are a Huntington Beach student.

In early 2021, further classes are expected to begin.

Code Academy

Fundamentals of Our Huntington Beach Coding Bootcamp

In less time than a regular four-year institution, our program will prepare you for a job in computer science. Here are some of our program's key principles:Students must be at least 18 years old with valid identification.

  • To apply, you must be at least 18 years old.

  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, and MySQL are all covered in the web development curriculum.

  • For seven months, the program meets for 20 hours every week.

  • Offers online classes with a flexible schedule and virtual classes once a week.

  • Prior programming expertise is advantageous but not necessary.

What Kind of Tech Jobs Could Students Potentially Attract?

There are several job opportunities for coding programmers. IT industry offers one of the most rewarding job prospects with a clear career growth path. Some of the most well-paying coding program jobs to consider include:

  • Software developer

  • Network engineer

  • Systems engineer

  • Java developer

  • Software QA engineer

  • IT project manager

  • Web developer

  • Computer systems engineer

  • Computer systems analyst

  • Software application developer

  • Database administrator

  • Software quality assurance engineer

  • Business intelligence analyst

  • Computer programmer

 Code Academy

Join Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech provides the right foundation for long term success in employment, entrepreneurship, and further education. If you are an interested student residing in Huntington Beach, fill out our online application today to get started.

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