Bay Valley Tech announced a new partnership with Patterson Adult School on May 20.

This venture increases the accessibility to free adult education while also promoting high paying jobs in the technology sector. Bay Area tech companies are experiencing high turnover rates due in large part to economic strain on their employees. While tech jobs often offer higher than average wages, the Bay Area is simply unaffordable for many people, forcing companies like Google to subsidize their employees’ housing costs.


The exodus of technology from California to states with a lower cost of living has not gone unnoticed. Phillip Lan, President of Bay Valley Tech and Ripon native, has watched the Central Valley be passed over time and time again. As tech companies seek out greener pastures capable of providing an educated workforce to satisfy one million unfilled jobs, Lan wants to show industry giants that the Central Valley is fertile land. “Kids are leaving the valley to go to college and not coming back. Creating a brain drain effect.” The purpose is to create a local tech ecosystem.


Bay Valley Tech Coding Academy brings to Patterson an innovative software development training program that utilizes flexible online courses. Students will have the opportunity to network with area software professionals and employers through peer-based mentoring, increasing their hiring potential. “Hiring managers have to have confidence in the talent to move into the valley”, Lan remarked.


Other coding academies can cost up to $15,000. Bay Valley Tech’s free and flexible program is an excellent opportunity for young adults and working parents who want to improve their lives through education and career stability. According to Jeff Rowe, Patterson Joint Unified School District’s Director of Career Technical Education, “Our partnership with Bay Valley Tech will help residents pivot to high paying technology jobs. This program has the potential to elevate our students’ earning potential as well as grow the Central Valley’s tech economy.”

Bay Valley Tech President Phillip Lan added, “Patterson Adult School’s partnership will enable more residents to enter lucrative tech careers. Collaborations like this are crucial to expand our region’s ability to train thousands of new software professionals, making it an attractive investment destination for Bay Area companies seeking new tech talent.”

The class is scheduled to start on July 6, and the program has limited space. Interested students are encouraged to enroll at the Patterson Adult School website ( as well as fill out the online application at ( as soon as possible.


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