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Accelerator Live Online Coaching

Why Choose the Accelerator Program?

Have you been trying to learn how to code by yourself?  Are you not making progress as quickly as you would like?  Bay Valley Tech's Accelerator is a live software coaching program designed specifically to help you get into a new coding job or internship much faster than people studying alone.


We know that learning a complex subject like software development is much faster when students have access to knowledgeable coaches and a supportive learning community.  

For just $10 a day, you can connect with software instructors in real-time five days a week and significantly accelerate your path to a lucrative software career.  Accelerator members will have access to:


  • Software Coaches and Mentors

  • Group Study Sessions

  • Group Projects  

  • Code Reviews

The cost to join Bay Valley Tech's Accelerator program is $300 per month plus a $100 registration fee.  Openings for the Accelerator program are limited, so sign up today.  

To get started, click 'Start Now' below and enter in your payment details. Once we receive your information, we'll reach out with a brief questionnaire and get you enrolled right away.


Please contact our staff with a subject line of 'Accelerator' with any additional questions.

Accelerator Live Online Coaching

  • Interview Preparation

  • Industry Networking Events

  • Opportunities to Apply for Software Internships

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